Wigs, Turbans, Swimsuits, & Compression Garments

Find pleasure in knowing we are here to help you at The Butterfly Boutique. Our shop features wigs for any hair loss, fun, or travel, plus an assortment of accessories such as hairnets, chin straps, wig stands, and cleaning products. There are essential for fancy turbans and all kinds of hair clips, pins, flowers, and other accessories. Swimsuits are carried year-round and available with a week’s notice. Compression garments are sleeves, gauntlet (with or without fingers), gloves, bras, and stockings.


When you lose your hair, you don’t have to lose your dignity. Whether you have hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia, or a gene disorder, you’ll find a variety of wigs, turbans, and other hair accessories at The Butterfly Btq.

All wigs are reasonably priced ($35.00 ad up), acrylic, monofilament, lace, and human hair. If you are in town, you may want to stop by and try them on. If you are looking for some accessories, our shop features wraps, hairpieces, bows, hair clips, flowers, pins, scarves, nets, and headbands in an assortment of styles.



All specialty swimsuits have sewn-in pockets and are higher cut in the front and under the arm. Our swimsuits hide scarring if you’ve had a mastectomy, open heart, or lung surgery. With three brands and a vast selection, we have a swimsuit to suit your needs.



Compression Garments

These garments are for both men and women. For arms, we offer compression sleeves and gloves/gauntlets that are necessary because lymph nodes are removed from under the arm, which causes inflammation (called lymphodema). This is almost an immediate effect on men after breast removal, while for women, it may be something that occurs years later.

Compression garments have a girdle effect and are graduated to be tighter at the wrist and lighter at the underarm not to drain the fluid into the hand. The garments keep lymphatic fluid from saturating the arm or leg and expanding too much or minimizing the effect.

In addition to sleeves, we supply compression stockings, typically recommended by cardiologists for conditions such as arrhythmia or high blood pressure. Compression stockings are highly recommended for ulcerations or vein disorders and are sometimes covered by insurance.